Joel Grenz for Parksville Council
Joel Grenz

Water Use Planning and Management Study

I want to hear from you about WATER! 🚰

You may have heard about Parksville Council’s Strategic Plan priority about water:

– To ensure a sustainable potable water supply for the community through a sound understanding of water sources, storage opportunities and long-term availability, future requirements, and infrastructure options to support reliable drinking water for the community.

There’s a lot of conversation in our community about water, especially given the restrictions and drought we’ve experienced.

The City of Parksville is undertaking a future-looking study to plan for our long-term water needs.

I’d like to hear any suggestions or ideas you may have for this study and the terms of reference. I want to bring your perspective to the table. Let me know your thoughts via the form below.

Share your ideas & suggestions 👇

Your input can help make the Water Use Planning and Management Study a success!

Why a form?

You can reach out to me at any time on local matters via assorted contact methods. Here I’d specifically like your informal perspective on a specific issue. This form will allow me to easily organize community input into one consolidated document for my upcoming discussions with staff and Council. I’m optimistic about getting a bunch of great constructive suggestions!

I may reach out to you with questions or updates.

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