Joel Grenz

Joel Grenz

Joel Grenz is running for Parksville Council in the October 15, 2022 Municipal Elections

Parksville Needs More Doctors and Healthcare Workers


We need more doctors and healthcare providers in Parksville.
But with a shortage right across Canada, why would a doctor choose to settle here?

I’ve worked in marketing for the past twenty years, and I can tell you if we want to solve this problem …
Then we need to start proactively promoting Parksville to early and mid-career medical professionals.

As your voice on Council, I will bring forward creative and collaborative ideas to solve this urgent challenge …

  • Like implementing a lease-option program for doctors to get a home,
  • a scholarship program for healthcare practitioners who commit to working here,
  • and proactively inviting health professionals to consider moving to our beautiful community.

And with Parksville answering the call to provide housing … 
Let’s ensure that senior levels of government take notice and step-up their support for the services our community needs.

This election, vote for better access to healthcare.

On October 15, vote Joel Grenz for Parksville Council.

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