Joel Grenz for Parksville Council
Joel Grenz

10% Increase

Did you know that Parksville’s population has grown by almost 10% since 2016? 

Parksville is growing faster than the BC average.

It’s no surprise. We live in a beautiful community.

But as we grow, the core services we all depend on need to keep up.

Ask yourself this:

  • Do we have 10% more doctors, and healthcare workers?
  • Do we have 10% more police and fire?
  • 10% more capacity in our recreation programs?

All these services we depend on need to keep pace with our community needs.

Over the past twenty years my marketing company has given me experience working collaboratively and creatively with a broad range of companies, government, and non-profit organizations. 

As your voice on Parksville council, I’ll take that same collaborative and creative approach to ensure we work effectively as a council team.

We’ll collaborate with provincial and federal government partners,  

and within the community … so we can all flourish right here in Parksville.

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