Joel Grenz for Parksville Council
Joel Grenz

Transportation Master Plan

Our journey towards enhancing Parksville’s connectivity is underway, as we revisit and revamp the 2016 Transportation Master Plan. This revision is not just an update; it’s a strategic pivot to align with the evolving dynamics of our community. The forthcoming Transportation Master Plan is envisioned as a blueprint for the future—a guide to developing a cohesive, effective, and sustainable transportation system that resonates with the aspirations and objectives of our residents.

This plan is a promise of progress, designed to orchestrate a mobility network that not only addresses today’s demands but also anticipates the needs of tomorrow. It’s about creating pathways that foster accessibility, reduce environmental impact, and support future planned growth of Parksville. We’re committed to making movement within our city an experience that’s seamless, sensible, and supports the overall quality of life for everyone who calls Parksville home.

➡️ Learn more and take the survey at Let’s Talk Parksville.

Survey ends Dec 3, 2023

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