Joel Grenz for Parksville Council
Joel Grenz

PQB News Questionnaire

Joel Grenz’s answers to the 3 questions sent to all candidates.

1. What do you believe to be the most pressing election issue in your community?

Parksville has grown by almost 10% since 2016. That’s nearly double the Canadian rate. It’s no surprise that people want to live here. But with this growth, we need to ensure that the core services we all rely on catch up. We’ve got big challenges around access to healthcare and doctors. But other services like policing, fire, parking, and recreation programs all will require creative solutions and collaboration to address.

That said, elections in a representative democracy shouldn’t be about a single issue. The goal is really to elect thoughtful, competent people who listen to the community. We live in a complex and changing world. Nobody can predict what challenges and opportunities lie ahead. That’s why I think it’s important that we consider who is best equipped to act in the best interest of the community. I believe I have the experience and perspective that prepares me for that role.

2. How will you balance the needs of seniors and younger residents?

The question suggests that there’s an incompatibility between the needs of seniors and younger residents when in fact there’s an interdependence between generations. Any healthy community has a place and role for all ages, stages, and walks of life.

Government is all about balancing the needs of the community. This is done by listening to the residents, taking the advice of experts, and thinking about what impact decisions have today but also into the future.

As a member of council, I will commit to stay in open communication with the community. I’ll proactively seek out dialogue whether or not they agree with every decision council makes. And as someone who has worked in marketing for the past twenty years, I’ll be sure to communicate what I’m up to as your member of council.

3. What sets you apart from the other candidates?

I’m pleased to see so many excellent candidates stepping up to serve the community.

I’ll share a bit about myself: I’m a married father of three kids (who attend school in Parksville). I have a law degree from UBC. This has given me a strong foundation in our government and legal institutions.

When I was in university, I started a marketing company which has grown to become a career for me and our small team.  My company has given me the opportunity to work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, non-profit organizations, as well as all three levels of government. This has exposed me to a wide range of perspectives.

If you vote to elect me to council, I will take a thoughtful, creative, and collaborative approach so that we can all flourish in Parksville.

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  1. Hi Joel – I was really impressed with you at the All Candidates’ meeting last night, and will definitely be voting for you! If you have time to add a link to the recorded meeting on your website, or to put in point form your responses to the three main questions (or to publish them elsewhere, like on FB), I think others would get a deeper view of who you are and what you would bring to council. Thank you for caring enough to run!

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