Joel Grenz for Parksville Council
Joel Grenz

Proposed Addiction Treatment Facility in Parksville

Island Health is seeking rezoning to allow for a 19-bed abstinence based addictions treatment centre at McCarter Street in Parksville.

As part of the rezoning application process, Island Health hosted two public drop-in sessions: one in person here and one virtually.

I had the opportunity to spend around an hour and a half at the in-person open house. I really appreciated engaging with various local residents, business owners, service providers, and staff from Island Health, gaining valuable insights and perspectives.

As with any new project, I try to consider how it integrates into the neighbourhood and supports the broader vision for our community.

Your input, be it questions, concerns, ideas, or any thoughts, is highly appreciated. What do you think about the proposal? If the application is approved, how can we make sure it successfully fits into the community? I welcome your feedback, perspective, and ideas.

Please reach out.

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