Joel Grenz for Parksville Council
Joel Grenz

Visiting North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre

My family and I recently paid a visit to the North Island Wildlife Recovery Centre in Errington 🐾

NIWRA is a non-profit rehab that provides amazing care for animals with various needs, from broken-winged birds to orphaned black bears, and even electrocuted eagles. πŸ¦…πŸ»

NIWRA’s two main goals:

1️⃣ Reintroducing animals back to the wild: NIWRA nurtures and rehabilitates these magnificent creatures, giving them a second chance at life in their natural habitats. The dedication and expertise of the staff are truly remarkable! 🏞️🐾

2️⃣ Educating the public: NIWRA goes beyond rehabilitation. They understand the importance of raising awareness about wildlife and environmental issues. Through their educational initiatives, they empower us all to make a positive impact. 🌿🌏

Visit NIWRA and help support the work they do while providing some great family fun. Who doesn’t love seeing animals?! A highlight for my nephew was pretending to be bears in the den of boulders!

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